Creationist Liars

Why would someone lie about evolution? Why would they studiously avoid learning anything about it, then go on a crusade to trick people into thinking evolution was untrue? For them, truth is irrelevant.

What counts is people believing the bible and following its alleged rules like stoning homosexuals, making life miserable for women who have children out of wedlock, bombing infidels etc. They are afraid of the bible losing all credibility as its creation story becomes widely discredited.

They know the bible is wrong but they don’t want anyone else figuring that out. The bible is one the most vicious and incompetent moral guides ever composed. It would be a very composed. It would be a very good thing for public morals if it were discredited. The creationists refuse to conceive of anything better because they believe contrary to all evidence, that it was penned by the creator of the universe.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)