Nation State Terrorism

Terrorism has been on the rise. The parties committing it are nation states, militant organisations, corporations and individuals. The victims are usually individuals. I suspect there will be a shift toward more individuals committing the terrorism, particularly against corporations. The fury is there. All that is required is a few examples to trigger a wave of copy cats. For example, I predict oil pipelines will be increasingly blown up by individuals. Fish farm nets will be slashed. Bank computers will be hacked. Head offices will be blown up. Homes of executives will be destroyed. Churches will be burned. It would extremely difficult to protect against all forms of terror from all angry individuals. The main anti-terror technique is infiltration of a terrorist organisation. If there is no organisation, there is nothing to infiltrate. The best defence for a corporation is to behave better than its competition and trust the competition will bare the brunt of the anger.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)