Obama’s Dilemma

Bush got America in deep financial trouble with two expensive optional wars (that have nothing to show for the trillions poured into the ground) and massive tax cuts for the rich that the country could not afford (which resulted in lost jobs, not job creation as Republicans claimed.) Obama is in a bind. If he cuts spending, he will make unemployment worse. If he increases spending to try to create jobs, he makes the debt worse. The rich are doing extremely well right now and the bottom half are suffering badly. The obvious solution is to cut the tax loopholes, subsidies and tax cuts to the rich and use a proportion of that income on infrastructure that will increase jobs and increase prosperity generally. The problem is the wealthy have bought the Republican party to serve only their interests of the rich, to hell with the good of the country.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)

It turned out the Republicans blocked Obama no matter what he did. They desperately wanted to sacrifice the country just to make Obama look bad.