Perception of Violence

Media vs Actual Violence
1972 Surgeon General’s report cites links between screen violence and aggressive behaviour.
1976 AMA (American Medical Association) calls TV violence an environmental hazard.
1982 IMH (Institute of Mental Health)says there is a clear link between TV violence and aggression.
1985 APA (American Psychological Association)shows link between TV violence and real violence.
1992 APA calls for federal policy to protect society when research on violence is ignored.
2004 CDC (Centers for Disease Control) finds that media violence enhances violent behaviour.
2007 FCC (Federal Communications Commission) unanimously recommends that congress regulate TV violence.
2007 FCC Congress holds special hearing on prevalence of women’s sexualisation in music videos.
2009 Studies prove exposure to sexually explicit video games and music videos is a link to men’s acceptance of rape myths and sexual harassment.

Despite all this there have been no policy chances. Media like violence because it sells. They have power over the politicians both on left and right both because the media contribute to politicians, the politicians must buy ad time and the media can decide to favour or ruin any politician through their many news shows.

There should have been no need for studies. Anyone who has watched young children has seen how they copy every minute detail of the way the adults and TV characters behave. That is mostly how humans learn and pick up their values, by copying from others.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70) Miss Representation