Afghan Facts

The basic facts of Afghanistan are these: The USA plus Nato has tried for over a decade to conquer Afghanistan. It has poured billions of dollars into it. They have installed the crookedest dictator on the planet as their preferred leader. Even with all this effort, at best the US has managed a stalemate. When US and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) leave, Americans claim that Karzai will prevail. That makes no sense. How could the war go better for Karzai without help that with it? He will be hang from his thumbs or flee to hide in luxury on his drug money. The Taliban ground down the Russians and they have ground down the USA. The Taliban are fighting for their country. Americans can’t even tell you why they are fighting. The American troops have no motivation but the pleasure of fighting. They have no delusions left their war has something to do with defending the USA.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)