The War That Keeps On Chugging

So how is the occupation of Afghanistan going after 16 years and 2 months ? The war is still going, even though its alleged goal, killing bin Laden has already been accomplished. It has been humiliating for the biggest military on earth to be stalemated by an impoverished third world country less than a tenth its size.

The USA demanded Afghanistan capture and turn over bin Laden without the extradition treaty and extradition hearing required by international law. Then USA refused the Afghanistan’s offer to turn bin Laden over to a third country for trial. It turned out Bush was demanding the impossible. It turned out bin Laden was extremely hard to track down and, further, he was not even in Afghanistan. Because Afghanistan did not instantly comply to this illegal demand, Bush used it as justification for an invasion on 2001-10-07. Unocal still does not have its free pipeline right of way, one of the major unstated motives for the war. Heroin production is up from near zero to #1 in the world, over a trillion dollars a year. The drug trade has ensnared Afghan and American alike in massive corruption. Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls Afghanistan a narcostate. On 2011-05-01, a strike force of Seals (a type of high-status soldier) assassinated bin Laden in Pakistan. Now we will never find out how he pulled off the greatest terrorist attack of all time, 2001-09-11, with his rag tag band of cave dwellers, a feat German intelligence considered utterly impossible.

As of 2011-08-27, the Afghans managed to kill 2,613 invaders. There is no democracy. The country is run by a dictator, Hamid Karzai and his family. Afghanistan has become the most corrupt nation on earth.

The USA has spent more money on the occupation than it would take to fix most American and planetary ills. The American public still erroneously blame Afghanistan for 2001-09-11 even though they know perfectly that the hijackers were Saudi — not an Afghan among them, idiotically conflating all Muslims. Americans are still in deep denial that they fought a completely pointless and illegal war.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)