Church Achievements

Let’s look at the considerable achievements of the Catholic church over the centuries:

  1. Several waves of crusades where everyone in Jerusalem, man, woman or child of any religion were slaughtered. They considered this a purification in the name of Jesus.
  2. Invention of torture and burning alive for heresy.
  3. Invention of torture and burning alive for witchcraft.
  4. Invention of torture and burning alive for being gay.
  5. Fought science tooth and nail to this day.
  6. World largest and most successful paedophile ring.
  7. Conned billions from the world’s poorest promising they would be paid back manyfold after they died.
  8. Physically, sexually and mentally abused children in schools.
  9. Collaborated with Hitler.
  10. Helped finance the Mafia.
  11. Spread malicious lies about gays, science and atheists.
  12. Blocked anti bully programs in schools.
  13. Forced terminally ill people to endure pointless agony just prior to death.
  14. Spread superstitious nonsense about the biology of reproduction.
  15. Collected millions of dollars to help the poor then refused to spend it.
  16. Encouraged violence against gays, people who use contraception and people who have abortions.
  17. Harassed unmarried mothers.

And that is just some of the highlights.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)