Christian Fertility Rite: Burn a Homosexual Alive

Christians tell me they feel duty bound to make the lives of homosexuals as miserable as possible because if they didn’t, then no one would have children. First of all, the world has billions more people than it can support. We need fewer not more children. Christians simultaneously try to force gays to have children and try to exclude them from employment where they have any contact with children. They also oppose gays adopting or retaining custody of their own children. The notion that treating gays badly will cure of them of same sex attraction has no evidence at all to support it. All it does is make them despise Christians and the church. Conservative Christians invented the idea that it was virtuous to pick on gays. Jesus certainly did not tell them to. Obviously, Christians have not thought this through. Christians obtain huge enjoyment from scapegoating gays and will float any nutty excuse to continue. Christians are such losers they resort to consoling themselves with the fantasy they will lord it over everyone else after they die. For now, persecuting gays will have to do.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)