Religious Exemptions

What motivates a Christian to want the legal right to discriminate against gays? He hates gays, simply because gays are the official Christian scapegoat. It is socially required to hate them. The Christian enjoys the fantasy of turning away some gay customers with a rude remark. He finds distasteful the fantasy of serving a gay couple e.g. selling them a cake. He has almost no interest in what this discrimination feels like to the gay people. They may be turned away from accommodation, and can’t find an alternative. The Christian spitefully enjoys creating this inconvenience. He likes causing pain for gays. The gay person is puzzled, What did I ever to do harm them? Gays are citizens just like everyone else. Surely their needs count too. Why is everyone focussed only on the religious freedom to behave badly? Surely the right to go through life unmolested trumps the right to enjoy making others miserable.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)