Why Be Rude?

Why be rude to Christians? Why not just politely point out the errors in their beliefs? Why must we atheists ruthlessly mock their beliefs as too absurd to even consider? Why must we repeatedly dredge up all the terrible things their religion has done since its inception? Because Christians are unbelievably vain and dense. They believe they have the perfect religion, and when they do terrible things to others it is the highest virtue. They need to be hit between the eyes with a virtual baseball bat to make them wake up and understand not everyone shares their exalted opinion of Christians, their ridiculous family values and their barbaric Christian values. They don’t even understand that killing gay people just for being gay is wrong. They are so convinced they are morally superior to everyone else, it takes virtual dynamite to make them consider the possibility that view is not universal.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)