Being Gay is Natural

A religious argument is that homosexuality is unnatural (does not occur in nature) therefore gays should be killed.

Using cellphones is unnatural too. But that is hardly justification for murder. Homosexuality occurs in many other species, especially the intelligent species, especially our nearest relative the bonobo, so it is simply false to say it is unnatural.

In humans, homosexuality is roughly as unnatural/rare as left handedness. Granted Christians originally wanted to kill all the lefties, but minority status for something is no justification for murder.

By what mechanism does the type of sexual plumbing of a couple in a bedroom have any effect on anyone else, much less the ability to bring down civilisation? This objection to homosexuality is unbelievably meddling nosiness. It is as nuts have having a rule about exactly how you employ toilet paper, with spies and death penalties.

Christians like Kirk Crocoduck Cameron think they have a right to block gays from having sex or kill them because he finds gay sex disgusting. That is as high handed as saying nobody should be allowed to eat curry because it gives me indigestion. So what? Nobody is asking you to eat curry.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)