Trump, the Scumbag

Trump keeps accusing the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) of deliberately erasing hundreds of secret emails. Yet he knows when the government switched from iPhone to Samsung, emails were lost. These were just routine emails. Further, it was not just the FBI that lost emails in the switch. Further the FBI recovered most of the emails using forensic techniques.

Trump makes quite a deal that Hillary was not under oath for her preliminary interview. That is the custom. Whether you are under oath or not, lying to the FBI is crime so it is a difference without a difference.

Trump lied that Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI had taken a bribe from Hillary Clinton. The truth is his wife in 2015 took a $467,500 legal contribution from Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee to fund her state senate race in Virginia. He is a registered Republican. Trump demands that everyone investigating him be Republican and also their significant others. In other words, he demands bias in his favour.

Trump is insisting that anyone who is not a Trump supporter who investigates him is necessarily biased. In other words he wants to disqualify three quarters of US citizens. The Mafia is not privileged to only be investigated by fellow Mafia. It is natural for crime fighters to despise the criminals they are investigating. What you want to avoid is prejudice. The irony is nearly everyone investigating him is a Republican. The investigating team is already biased in his favour.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)