Guns to Prevent Gun Violence

Right wingers like to argue if there were more handguns then an incident like the James Holmes shooting in Aurora could not happen. There are three problems with that argument:

  1. The USA is the most armed country in the world and these mass killers are never stopped by amateurs. This just does not happen. It is a romantic fantasy.
  2. Imagine you were a person in the theatre with a handgun. What would happen to you if you stood up and aimed your gun at the shooter armed with a machine gun? It would be certain suicide. Instead, you would seek cover or a way to get out of range.
  3. If a young guy had a gun and you accidentally dumped a tub of popcorn on his head and he got it into his head you did it on purpose, you could end up dead. If he had no gun, you would get off with a punch in the stomach.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)