The Other Russian Scandal

Exxon-Mobil invested most of its money in Russian oil licences. Obama applied sanctions to Russia for its attacks on the Crimea, Ukraine and Syria and for attempts to rig the US election. Putin desperately wants to get rid of the sanctions since they are costing Russia so much. So does Exxon-Mobil, because the sanctions block them from drilling any oil wells in Russia. Trump then appointed Rex Tillerson, ex-CEO of Exxon Mobil as his Secretary of State where he is optimally positioned to get the sanctions removed.

Trump never does anyone a favour without extracting one in return. My guess is it almost a sure thing that removing sanctions is quid pro quo for Putin rigging the election and for Exxon-Mobil making a magnificent campaign contribution. Putin also has to keep the hooker urination photos secret.

I further guess it highly likely that arranging this deal was what all those meetings between the Russians and Trump’s people were about.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)