Flat Earthers

A flat-earther in the modern day has to ignore the following:

Why then does a flat-earther persist in believing the earth is flat?

So basically the problem is a trust in gut intuition that trumps all evidence.

Climate Change Deniers are Like Flat Earthers

There are two kinds of climate change deniers: professional and fools. The professionals are not at all confused about climate change, however, they disseminate false information about climate change in order to prolong the life of their fossil fuel investments, knowing full well they will ruin the planet in the process. They don’t care. They are elderly. Even though folk like the Koch brothers are billionaires, nothing is more important to them than a few extra points of profit. They are mentally ill planetary traitors, but because they are rich, we don’t incarcerate them.

Why then do the fools become climate change deniers?

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)