Human Extinction

If there was ever a species that deserved to go extinct it is homo sapiens. We are throwing other species off the planet faster than the extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs.

1/8 of all birds are headed for extinction. We humans know that birds eat insects for us, without poisoning us in the process.

According to Dr. Boris Worm, all large food fish will be extinct by 2048. We know that with rising populations, we will desperately need those food fish, yet we deliberately overfish and drive them to extinction.

Honeybees are on the way out. We know that honeybees are necessary to pollinate crops, yet we persist in doing a dozen things we know puts extreme stress on them.

Frogs are disappearing all over the world, e.g. the golden frog. We know they are the main consumers of insects, particularly mosquitoes.

105 years ago, prairie dog towns contained millions of individuals. Today they contain no more than 100. We can’t blame all of this decline on the Trump boys using them for target practice.

The black rhino was just declared extinct.

We permit Mitsubishi to traffic in endangered blue-fin tuna. We permit the Japanese to hunt endangered whales.

We have known for decades we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but what to we do? frantically dig up and burn the Alberta tar sands and fraq for natural gas to emit more CO₂ than ever before. Trump is dismantling the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and all environmental regulations. He is working to maximise fossil fuel burning, especially coal. We are like Germans in the 1930s who voted in madmen. It is as if we had an unconscious death wish. We trying very hard to drive ourselves extinct and if we succeed, we most certainly have deserved it.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)