The Lie About Evolution

No matter how many times they are corrected, Muslims and Christians repeat the lie that evolution is pure chance, and hence impossible. It is possible they are too stupid to understand. It is possible they carefully guard their ignorance by never reading even one book about evolution, but I think most of them are simply lying.

Evolution is not random. Here is an analogy. Your little brother throws coins. You come along and remove any coins that landed tails. After a day or two of this, you have a long string of coins all heads. Then a Muslim comes along and says That is impossible. Only Allah could do that. No random process could produce that. But it is not random. Yes, there is randomness in it, but, much more importantly there is highly non-random selection removing the bad results. The outcome is no more random than a dog show or a beauty contest, where a judge winnows the lower quality candidates. In evolution, nature is the judge and ruthlessly decides which creature variants are wanting.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)