The Fable of the Pet Lion

There was once a family who considered the possibility of acquiring a pet lion. Father was most excited about it. We’ll be rich he said. People will come from miles around to see it and we can soak them all.

Mother was worried it might poop on the rug. Don’t worry your silly little head about that, said father, There has to be technology to solve that.

Oh father how wonderful! Christy and I can go for lion rides. All the girls at my school will be so jealous, chimed in daughter Condoleeza. Envious!, mother corrected.

Mother fretted about the cost of feeding the lion. The males eat 7.03 kg (15½ lbs) a day, she explained. But think of the money! father reiterated.

Father prevailed and they bought a huge male lion with a magnificent shaggy mane and Christy and Condoleeza went for a lion ride. But due to human error, the lion was hungry, having missed three meals and ate both girls, even their hair and bones and, shudder, their painted fingernails.

The moral of the story is don’t be so enamoured of the attractions of something that you blind yourself to its obvious downsides, such getting all exciting about burning the Alberta tar sands because it will make you rich, then studiously ignore the fact doing that will release so much CO₂ it will kill billions of people with uncontrolled global warming.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)