Macro Evolution

Macro and micro evolution are not terms scientists use. Micro evolution refers to evolution within a species and macro evolution refers to evolution that results in a new species. Scientists refer to macro evolution as speciation. Creationists eccentrically insist speciation is impossible, even though it has been observed hundreds of times, not counting the fossil record. The mechanism for both is exactly the same. It is just with speciation there is more time, and more change, change so big that the original population and the new one gradualy drift apart so the two populations can no longer successfully interbreed. It is a gradual process. Creationists falsely imagine for speciation to occur, the animal has to undergo some sudden change to flip to a new species all on one day, or all in one generation. In evolution, no individual animal changes during its lifetime.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)