Skin Colour

Why are people different colours? Evolution adjusts your skin colour to let just the right amount of ultraviolet rays through. Too little and you don’t get enough vitamin D. Too much and you get cancer and you don’t get enough folate. The closer you are to the equator, the more UV (ultraviolet) there is. The greater your elevation, the more UV there is. The more cloud cover, the less UV there is. The more vitamin D naturally in your diet (e.g. fish oils), the less UV you need. Your skin colour is the optimum colour at the location and diet where your ancestors lived. That is all it means. If people migrate, over the centuries their colour changes to match the new location.

All humans started out in the Great Rift Valley in Africa near the equator. Thus we humans were all originally black. White supremacy is one of the most bone-headed ideas anyone ever came up with.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)