Reaction to the Russia Scandal

I find it disgusting that Americans don’t care that a foreign country took control of their country. They are so partisan, all they care about is the Russians picked Trump to corrupt and promote rather than Hillary. Americans have decided to shut down their country as a serious world power. They have abandoned education, preferring religious superstition. The country is being run for the benefit of the wealthiest 1%. The rest are headed rapidly to third world status. They are shutting down the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to allow the rivers, lakes and air to deteriorate to the standards you find in the third world. Trump is leading America back to coal and oil when the rest of the world is charging toward cheap clean energy. Americans are so convinced they are #1, they imagine they will remain #1 no matter what foolish policies they enact.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)