What Anti-gay Bigots Say

I have been debating with anti-gay bigots since 1969. Their most common arguments are:

  1. The bible says we are supposed to kill you gays. I point out what else it says in the nearby paragraphs that they ignore, like kill disrespectful children.
  2. If gays are allowed to marry it ruins my marriage. If you blame a gay couple you have never met for your failed marriage, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel for excuses.
  3. Gay people molest children. Not nearly as often as heterosexuals. Look at the stats. It is logical. Gay men like masculine things. Heterosexual men like feminine things. Children, even boys, have feminine characteristics like high pitched voices, no body hair, small size, lack of musculature. paedophiles are nearly always heterosexual.
  4. Gay people are promiscuous. Therefore we should kill you or at least stop you from marrying. Discrimination frightens many gays into avoiding living with a fellow male. They avoid telling anyone else their name and where they live, even from having friends. Discrimination is driving the promiscuity. Marriage is the #1 antidote to promiscuity. Why are you refusing to use it?
  5. When I think about gay men having sex, I feel really icky. They should not be allowed to do it. I used to feel that way too, but it was because I was conflicted, both simultaneously attracted and repelled. Nobody is demanding you watch. Just stop interfering. Did it ever occur to you that heterosexual porn is revolting to gays, but we gays can’t get away from it? It is absolutely everywhere. Every movie goes on and on and on with boring, revolting heterosexual coupling. Most ads drip with it. We gays don’t do that to you.
  6. If you are gay, you must have HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus). If you come near me, sit beside me on the bus, give me a cup of coffee, hug me… I will get it. I must therefore have you killed to protect myself. If HIV were that easy to get, you would have contracted it decades ago. There are special receptor cells in a very few spots on your body. If you avoid unprotected anal and vaginal sex, you won’t get it.
  7. Homosexuality is contagious. We must isolate you, especially from children, or anyone who comes in contact with you will be instantly converted. I see you subscribe to St. Paul’s prairie fire theory that homosexuality is more appealing even to heterosexual males. It simply has not happened. Darwin can explain why it can’t. Consider that I was raised surrounded 100% by heterosexual people and it did not flip me. Nearly all gay people are the spawn of two heterosexuals. Sexual preference is hard-wired into the brain while you are still a toddler. If homosexuality seems all that appealing to you, consider the possibility you are gay and that fierce attraction is not universal.
  8. Some day we are going to castrate you all to keep you from reproducing your kind.
    ~ Bert Price, (1907-04-10 1986 age:79), cabinet minister in the Socred Government at an all-candidates meeting 1972. Mr. Price needed a lesson in biology about where homosexuals come from.
  9. AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is God’s punishment on gay people. Lesbians have much lower rates of HIV than heterosexual men or women. The fastest growing infection group are young heterosexual females. Especially when you look at the whole world, blacks are disproportionately represented. Are you telling me your Yahweh likes lesbians better than straights and has it in for blacks?
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)