The Tiktaalik

One of my favourite animals is the Tiktaalik. It was an intermediate between fish and amphibians. It had four legs and an alligator-like mouth. It is considered to be the first animal to venture from water onto land (other than the insects).

The event was one of the most important in evolution. I think it deserves celebration. I think it would be nice if a life size hollow bronze (or other suitable durable material) Tiktaalik were mounted in a pool crawling out on land in some park, museum or public place. Such a statue might become a signature feature of any place that teaches evolution.

It would also be nice to get sculptures in various sizes in some suitable museum-quality material to decorate desks, homes and offices as symbolic support for evolution education. It would be a conversation-starter about evolution and intermediate forms. The Tiktaalik might become the poster child for evolution.

Do you think this idea has merit? Have you any idea of what budget would be required? Do you know a place that would likely welcome the statue? What would be the best materials? Would you want such a desk sculpture yourself? Where would I get an original 3D model of one?

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)