Declaring Sex Pleasure

A right wing group talked Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum into signing a marriage vow that swears belief that sex between married heterosexuals is officially the most pleasurable sex, but this is not a matter of opinion or sworn belief. The assertion is obviously false. Unmarried couples have sex less frequently after they are married. Gay people clearly prefer sex with same sex partners, so for them homosex is vastly more pleasant. It is a cliché that men and women are baffled by how to please each other sexually. The approach that comes naturally is quite different for the two sexes. St. Paul, the patron saint of prudes and Republicans, asserted that homosexual sex was vastly more pleasurable than heterosexual sex. He was deeply worried that, like a prairie fire, homosexuality would sweep the entire male population if they found out about it. I presume he spoke from personal experience only, which calls into question his statistics.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)