Shooting a Coke Machine

In 1964 Stanley Kubrick directed a movie called Dr. Strangelove. In one scene, Peter Sellers, playing Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, tries to persuade a soldier (played by Keenan Wyn) to shoot a Coca Cola machine to get dime to phone in the recall codes need to prevent an inadvertent nuclear war. At first the soldier refuses. Finally, he relents and says You’ll have the Coca Cola company to answer for this.

The environmental movement as a whole remind me of that soldier. They all insist on playing politely, strictly by the rules, rules that have been rigged against them, even when global climate change threatens an imminent mass extinction event. The Republicans with their mindless fixation on money, that overrides even the survival instinct, have managed to persuade the Christians to trust that their god would never allow such a thing as climate change to happen because he only allows the awful things in Revelation to happen.

There is no time left. As a result of Republican/big oil/big coal stalling, no matter what we do now, at least millions will die as will the Great Barrier Coral Reef. If we play hardball, perhaps we can avoid billions more dying and wiping out 95% of earth’s species. Recall that people were reluctant to assassinate Hitler. That sort of thing was simply not done. I think history will look back on the environmental movement as far too timid given the danger. Because the effects are still off a bit into the future does not mean efforts to stop them should be wishy-washy.

Imagine what you would be prepared to do to stop some Republican pervert from burning a child to death before eyes in your back yard. Prevention is so much preferable to revenge. There is not much you can do to punish Republican than is worse than the actual global warming effects of their own greed and stupidity. I am not suggesting mindless violence like 2001-09-11, just fighting fire with fire, using tactics comparably nasty and dirty to the ones the Republicans use, escalating as necessary. Imagine what Karl Rove would do if he were on the side of planet earth. We have to win this one. This is a fight for your and your descendants’ survival. In this situation, it is ok to fight dirty.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)