Mandatory GPS (Global Positioning System)

Almost every day there is a news item about some idiot who went off into the wilderness without a GPS, without preparation, without telling anyone where he was going on when he was coming back. His disappearance triggers a massive, expensive search, where rescuers risk their lives, usually searching for him in unpleasant weather. The taxpayer gets stuck for 100% of the rescue bill, hospital bills and body recover bills.

I think it should work like this: When people want to head off into the wilderness, into unpatrolled ski areas etc. it should be mandatory for them to own or rent a GPS unit. This would have four functions:

  1. Help him find his own way out if he is smart enough and responsible enough to use the unit.
  2. Help rescuers find him very quickly by automatic satellite tracking of his GPS position.
  3. For communicating during the rescue to find out just what help is needed.
  4. Automatically notice people in trouble for early rescue from the fact they don’t move.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)