Natural Selection Is Not Random

Natural selection is not random. It has a goal — survival/reproduction. It is very stupid — IQ (Intelligence Quotient) 1 However, it is infinitely patient. With billions of years to work with and billions of generations, its mindless trial and error strategy comes up with some amazing things (and some crap no deity would create). Natural selection is ruthless. It condemns to death any imperfection. It favours even the marginally better. Consider that a frog lays about 20,000 eggs. On average natural selection will winnow out 19,999 of those offspring. That is quite a pressure to improve. Compare that with the winnowing factor on American Idol.

Computer programs that emulate evolution astound their authors with what they can come up with in mere thousands of generations. Creationists have no experience with such programs. Their intuition grossly underestimates how productive such algorithms are.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)