Clinging to Ideology

Imagine you were Eric Holder, Attorney General of the USA. The president told you to reduce crime and simultaneously reduce costs. What would you do? You might have a look at what other countries were doing, searching for proven workable ideas. However, Holder is conservative, so that approach is unthinkable. The only solution he will consider is more of the same conservative ideology, damn whether it works, or even makes things worse. Partly he has a serious case of NIH (Not Invented Here) imagining USA is a special case and that experiences anywhere else are necessarily irrelevant because Americans are superior to those other people. However, Holder is not quite as irrational as he first sounds. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are massively funded by the prison industry, who in turn demand contracts to build new prisons and new laws to populate those prisons.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)