Abundant Fishing

Most sport fisherman can tell you of a time when they got to angle somewhere that had not yet been overfished. The abundance is astounding. The ease of catching sounds like a tall tale, but I have seen this for myself.

Commercial fishers who oppose conservation and overfishing are unbelievably stupid. If they would just let stocks recover, there would be abundance, a much bigger overall catch, but, ironically, their greed drives them to deprive themselves, year after year, of most of the productivity of the oceans. If they would just let stocks recover, fish would be much easier to catch. Fishers would not need to buy so much fuel. When these fishers permit even a tiny sanctuary for fish to breed unmolested, the abundance of the surrounding waters explodes, but they won’t even do that to help themselves. What idiocy do they insist on doing instead?

Fishers are too greedy and too thick-headed to act in their own best interest. They are like gardeners who gulp down the seed packets and bleat about how unfair life is that nothing grows in their gardens. Commercial fishers complain that comedians mock them as cretins, but it is surely an accurate assessment.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)