The Future

All I am doing here is projecting long-standing trends to guess what the future will be like. Mankind could always wise up and change direction. I would love to be wrong.

  1. Politicians are refusing to act on climate change. Instead, to mollify their constituents, they procrastinate with 30-year targets for other politicians to fulfill. This means mass extinctions of plants and animals. Since tropic regions will no longer be suitable for agriculture or human habitation, there will be tsunamis of refugees.
  2. Even though the world population is growing less explosively that it once was, it is still growing rapidly. This means we will have more mouths to feed, more bodies to house, more throats to slake. We will need more resources to manufacture goods. Yet we will have the same old earth with exhausted resources to provide for everyone. There will be wars over the shortages. People overbreed for Darwinian reasons and to spread their particular faith.
  3. We will continue to treat the oceans and rivers as a garbage dump. It is cheaper that way for corporations. The international free trade agreements enable them to block government efforts at cleanup.
  4. We have killed off 93% of the tigers in the last century. All the iconic animals of our toddler picture books will go extinct mainly through habit loss but also through poaching from the increased population pressure. All the large food fish will go extinct.
  5. The world will continue to be ever more sharply divided into the elites and have-nots. The middle class will gradually disappear.
  6. Jobs for humans will continue to disappear as robots/computers become better at them than humans. Soon to go: assembly lines, garment manufacture and truck and taxi driving.
  7. Christianity will decline. Islam will grow.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)