Every day hackers break into corporate websites, databases, banks and governments. Viruses attack millions of personal computers, often demanding ransom for files. We have been putting up with this since the early 1970s. Attacks are motivated by malice, curiosity, greed, terrorism… The remedies we use are laughingly incompetent. Why do we put up with them? Industry sells us anti-virus tools that catch only a minute fraction of the problems and are obsolete within minutes of being installed. They have a captive audience who must continue to pay for multiple updates a day. We have to demand a major overhaul in the design of chips and operating systems to making hacking and viruses impossible. It has to be impossible for a program to interfere with anything on the computer but its own authorised files, including the registry. Every program needs to be digitally signed to identify its author. No program should be modifiable except by its registered author.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)