Objection to Evolution is Not Scientific

The fundamental religious objection to the theory of evolution is not scientific but moral. [Fundamentalists believe that] evolutionary theory must be opposed because it leads to rampant immorality, on both the personal and political scales. The basic cause of this immorality is atheism.

~ Elizabeth S. Anderson (1959-12-05 age:58)
If God is dead, is everything permitted?
~ Dostoyevsky

Or put a bit more scornfully, the rejection of evolution has nothing to do with the quality of the scientific evidence for evolution. Fundamentalists are not concerned with precision and truth, but with the imagined negative consequences of accepting the glaring scientific truth. They believe they must defend the lies of their religion or else social order will collapse. They refuse to notice that religious people on average behave much worse than atheists. They fail to notice the atheist Scandinavian countries have far less violence and crime than Christian ones. They fail to notice religious conflict, religious superstition and religious wilful ignorance are the problem, not what is holding the world together. For example, nearly all climate change deniers hold their contrafactual positions because of erroneous religious beliefs. Christians trying to promote war in Israel are motivated by bogus religious prophesies. Further, genocide is usually between rival religious groups each convinced the other is subhuman. The God Virus: How religion infects our lives and culture makes people deny reality.