When Bribery is Not Bribery

Americans have a Talmudic approach to bribery. Whether a $10 million gift counts as a bribe, does not depend on what favours the politician promises or does the donor in return. It depends solely on how the politician spends the money. If he spends it on robocalls, campaign buttons and TV advertising, it does not count as a bribe. If he spends it on luxury automobiles and champagne, it does. Further, if the donor does not actually hand the cash over to the politician but spends it himself on TV advertising on the politician’s behalf, he may legally give unlimited amounts without it being considered a bribe. The other Talmudic oddity is gifts in the form of travel and luxury accommodation at world class golf courses don’t count as bribes, but giving money that the politician himself spends this way does.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)