REM usingWinZip.bat

::REM   WZZIP options.
::REM  -r      recurse directories
::REM  -P      include more qualification.  Include dir levels mentioned on command line.
::REM  -p      include less qualification.  Exclude dir levels mentioned on command line.
::REM  -jhrs   strip off hidden attribute when restored
::REM  -Jhrs   preserve hidden attribute when restored
::REM  -whs    store hidden/system
::REM  -Whs    ignore hidden/system
::REM  -mu     move with update/add
::REM  -a      add, and update don't trust timestamps
::REM  -f      freshen, just update, no add
::REM  -ez     use best proprietary compression algorithm Winzip 12+
::REM  -x@     file containing a list of dirs, files and extensions to exclude.
CD G:\bks

rem WZZIP does NOT have to be on the path. It as has a magic registry entry that effectively puts it on the path.
rem include all files in G:\bks\ from E:\com tree, except ones mentioned in excludebk.list
WZZIP -rPu -ez -x@E:\env\wzlist\excludebk.list    E:\com\*.*

rem -30-