Does Beauty Imply God?

Christians tell me their evidence for god is Just look around and see the flowers. Obviously because they are so beautiful to the human eye, they were created by a supernatural being named Jehovah [who lives on a cloud, likes to watch teenage girls and boys masturbating and who tortures people after they die.]

My question is What did you expect to see if there were no god? Evolution predicts a competition between plants to persuade insects to spread their pollen and larger animals to spread their seeds. It expects a riot of perfumes, shapes and colours tuned to the visual range of insects (which includes UV (ultraviolet) ). Did you even consider the possibility the flowers’ beauty is intended for bees, not you? Consider that the flowers and bees were here on earth long before humans. Also, do not confuse cultivated flowers like the pansy with wildflowers. Horticulturalists evolved domesticated flowers through artificial selection over the centuries to appeal to the human ideals of beauty.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)