Mechanism of the Soul

There is no life after death. If you believe in life after death, tell me what particles contain the information that moves your soul from place to place. Is it electrons? Because those would be easy to notice because electrons are electrically charged. It is actually quite a lot of charge. Is it atoms? But the atoms don’t move very much when you die. If you believe that there is some way you have an immortal soul, that travels from place to place, then you are not just saying we don’t know how it works, you are saying that current knowledge of the laws of physics is wrong [And by extension, all technology based on this knowledge does not work. For example, computers and nuclear weapons must be a sham.] which means you had better give me a good reason to believe our current knowledge of the laws of physics is wrong because it is not.

~ E:\mindprod\quote\religion.html (born:1966-10-05 age:49)

Early scientists were convince all life contained some sort of vital force and in addition humans had a soul that left the body at death and went to have an afterlife. They searched and search and could find neither. Further, modern particle physicists on theoretical grounds say no particle could exist to support souls.