Traceable Guns

Imagine we had the technology that, given a bullet, we could tell which gun shot it, and who owned the gun. Further imagine guns could only be fired by their registered owners or by a small set of registered users. If someone used a gun to commit a felony, it would be a routine matter to prove the shooter and put them in jail. We would still have people killing their wives and kids in anger. We would have people shooting their kids mistaking them for intruders. However, we would get rid of all the accidents of kids shooting kids. Burglars would not carry guns, because, if they shot it, it would guarantee capture. Gun theft would drop because thieves could not fire the weapons.

Why does the NRA (National Rifle Association) oppose such measures? Because fewer guns would be sold for use in felonies. Gun manufacturers refuse to accept lower sales, even though they would have a bonanza selling replacement traceable guns.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)