Inconsistent Claims

The Afghan people detest the Taliban.

The United States is the greatest fighting force in the history of the world.

~ Roger Wicker (1951-07-05 age:66) Republican senator from Mississippi.

This makes no sense. How could a tiny group of Taliban defeat the entire Afghan people, backed by the USA (with its high tech warfare and unlimited budget), Britain, Canada and other NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) nations? The answer is, the Taliban beat them the same way they expelled the Russian invaders. They have the hearts and minds of the people the way a drug/war lord collaborator like Hamid Karzai never could. The Taliban are fighting for independence, to oust the infidel invaders. They are fighting for their religion which the Americans despise. We might find Islam odious, but they are convinced it represents the will of God. The USA, Britain an Canada have realised that they cannot win (and plunder the oil and mineral resources) and are trying to save face without admitting defeat.