Newfoundland Seal Hunt

I have talked to people who have viewed the Newfoundland seal hunt. It is not a hunt in the ordinary sense where hunters kill animals for food or pelts. They kill to punish the seals, to make them suffer as much as possible. Look at the original weapon they chose — the hakapik, a sharp hook on a stick. Why? Because fishermen/hunters refuse to take responsibility for overfishing and destroying the cod stocks. They foolishly blame the seals, even though 200 years ago there was no commercial seal hunt and there were astronomically abundant fish, even though seals eat the sickest and slowest fish, thus containing disease and improving the stocks.

The international market has all but disappeared for seal pelts, but the Newfoundlanders continue to kill seals. They have an in-your-face attitude to the rest of Canada concerned about the brutality of the hunt or the bloody reputation (that hurts all exports) this tiny band is giving all of Canada. They are furious with the government and the rest Canada for not trying to force other countries to buy the bloody pelts.

As a poke in the eye to those who oppose the hunt, they held a nauseating public feast where every dish contained seal — even the ice cream! What will the Newfoundlanders do next to gross out fellow Canadians — hand out sugar cookies drenched with menstrual seal blood at elementary schools?

They are behaving like selfish unusually-immature children. The irony is, the more boorishly they behave, the faster the irrational seal scourging ritual will disappear entirely.

Have a look at some Google Images of the seal hunt. Turn off Safe Search. I am so annoyed with these people I am to the point I wish Newfoundland left confederation. To make matters worse Conservative Prime Minister Harper approved yet another seal cull, even though scientists told him there was no scientific evidence it would help fish stocks. He ignored science and instead bowed to emotional superstition. He despises science and worships irrational religious beliefs. So his decision is no surprise. Let’s hope the new Liberal federal government will be more rational.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)