Fake News

Fake news now overwhelms real news on the Internet. It is designed to be intriguing and to reinforce pre-existing nutty beliefs. There are at least five types:

Because of the overwhelming tide of lies, these stories come to seem normal. Americans believe this stuff simply because they would like it to be true, not because they have any reason to think it is. They are predisposed to do this by religious training. That is why fake news has hit the USA so much harder than other more skeptical countries.

I suggest that browsers label websites distributing news as either authentic, fake news or authenticity unrated. They would avoid blacklisting satire. They would have to avoid blacklisting sites that quote fake news just to debunk it.

Facebook would have to be labeled as fake news. This is just a label, not a site block. Firefox, Chrome and IOBit already monitor sites for distributing malware and block them.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)