Shallow Religion Comic Strips

The term that best describes me now is secular humanist. I despise those shallow religious comics. Dennis the Menace, for instance, is the most shallow. When they show him praying — I just can’t stand that sort of thing, talking to God about some cutesy thing that he’d done during the day. I don’t think Hank Ketcham [Dennis’ creator] has any deep knowledge of things like that. I cringe at the mention of Family Circus, the strip by Bill Keane that is strewn with cutesy references to Jesus who wants to protect children on school buses, but can’t because of laws about separation of church and state and those sickly — sweet images of invisible deceased grandparents looming protectively over the kids. Oh, I can’t stand that. You could get diabetes reading them, couldn’t you?

~ Charles Schulz (1922-11-26 2000-02-12 age:77) Religion: a Dialogue cartoonist, creator of Peanuts.