Trump’s Hacking Intuition

Trump’s conceit is unbelievable. Trump has zero evidence about Russia’s hacking. He even refuses to attend his daily security briefings, but in his addled mind, his intuition overrides the experts in 17 security agencies. It is not as though he is the retired head of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) with decades of experience. He is a complete novice when it comes to hacking even though he falsely claims to be an expert. He is delusional. He must be removed from taking office.

You use intuition when you have nothing better. You use intuition where the evidence is inconclusive. You use intuition to trigger a double check. You use intuition when the consequences of being wrong are light. You do not use intuition to run a country by the seat of your pants.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)