Abortion Decision

Abortion is a decision that affects the entire rest of your life and also the entire lives of any children. You want to make the decision with the most accurate information possible. Let’s assume your doctor says you have been exposed to Zika. You are pregnant and your child will likely be microcephalic. You might want to volunteer to look after a Zika child for a week to discover:

You want to find out exactly what the fetus you are considering aborting looks like and what it is capable of doing. In general, if you are considering abortion, do not procrastinate. Every day you stall, the closer the fetus is to being a child.

Religious people tell you that all abortion is wicked, even if it is done to save the mother or to prevent the birth of a severely deformed child. They believe a soul enters the child at conception. In popular Christianity, god thus considers a fertilised egg equivalent to a newborn baby. Like a slaveowner, god has title to all humans and he does not appreciate anyone aborting any of them for any reason.

According to the bible Exodus 21:22-25, killing of a fetus is a civil crime — an eye for a eye. Killing of the mother a capital crime. The fetus does not become a person until first breath. Yet another view: the Jewish tradition grants full personhood only 30 days after birth. Until 40 days after conception, the fertilized egg is considered as mere fluid.

But the religious people just made this all up, god, time of personhood, god’s ownership, god’s distaste for abortion… Nobody has ever seen, weighed or detected a soul (or god for that matter). A newly conceived embryo is smaller than a bit of pond scum. The fuss over it is as ridiculous as weeping over the loss of a blood cell. Life does not begin with conception. At no point does non-living matter become living. Life is eternal and continuous. It is an unending splitting and joining together of cells as old as time. Even conception is just the merging of two already-living cells (a sperm and an egg) to form one fatter living cell.

The body naturally aborts far more fetuses than there are babies born. The mother does not notice because the fetus is so small. Usually, the fetus aborts because it fails to attach to the uterine wall. How could something that happens naturally be the equivalent of murder?

Christians have been dishonestly imposing their religious beliefs on everyone by disguising them as scientific fact.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)