Arctic Apple

The makers of the Arctic GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) apple that does not go brown when it gets stale, want their product unlabeled, so that consumers cannot tell it apart from an ordinary apple. They say consumers do not have the right to know that they are eating an Arctic apple since their GMO apple is not poisonous. That is a non-sequitur. I am unaware of any poisonous foods sold in my local supermarket. By Arctic’s reasoning, all of those products should be unlabeled too.

Foods are labeled to tell consumers information they want to know about the products, for example:

Purposes for labeling
Label Reason for labeling
Will this apple warn me when it is stale? feature, politics
Is this clover or heather honey? flavour
Was this orange grown in China or California? freshness, care with pesticides
Was this date grown in Syria or Israel? politics
Is this soy GMO? avoiding suspected allergy

I have a right to avoid GMOs, even if the manufacturer thinks I am being silly. It is not their decision. I have just as much right to avoid GMO s as I have to avoid kumquats. Whether they are non-toxic is irrelevant.

Further, refusing to label GMO apples is unfair to the growers of traditional apples because people wanting to avoid GMO apples will have no choice but to avoid buying apples altogether thus hurting traditional apple sales.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)