Indefinite Growth

We share with other species, two very important ecological qualities. The first is a tendency to completely fill all accessible habitat. The second is a tendency to use all available resources, but we are the only one that has been able to take the cap of that and actually release ourselves to grow indefinitely.

Almost all rich countries exist in a state of what we call ecological deficit. They are overshooting their own domestic carrying capacity or biocapacity, so each year as they are in that state of overshoot their deficit is increasing and it essentially adding to the ecological debt and which you might think of as the amount of the ecosphere that has been drawn down as a result of overuse so the simply reality is that most wealthy countries contribute to the annual ecological deficit and the growing debt that human beings owe the planet and frankly, there is no way around this except to back off.

~ Dr. William E. Rees (1943-12-18 age:74)