Why War?

A memorial day propagandist on NPR (National Public Radio) claimed the USA invaded Afghanistan to liberate the people and fight Islam. That was not the story George W. Bush told. And the real reason is yet another story. If the propagandist were telling he truth, the Afghans would have a democracy by now. The US won’t even fund its own schools. It certainly is not going to invest trillions to liberate people of a different nationality, language, race and faith, much less sacrifice the blood. Could you imagine any Republican signing off on such an altruistic expensive venture with so many higher priorities? The catch is, if the Afghans had a truly free election they would elect an Islamic theocracy. Instead, the USA foist a puppet dictator, Hamid Karzai on them, the world’s biggest heroin dealer and most corrupt politician on the planet.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)