Bait and Switch

I have been watching a number of YouTube debates between Christians and atheists. I notice that Christian debaters are very fond of a bait and switch tactic. It goes like this. The Christian makes an argument of the form:

They then declare victory in debate and grandiosely claim therefore:

Even if you concede their arguments, their conclusions do not follow.

It seems to me possible a god could exist yet every single religion, including Christianity, badly missed the mark in describing him since he felt the universe itself was a clear enough message and any revelation would be twisted or misused to sow dissension. I see no reason to believe at least one religion had to get it right. All of their stories sound like myths, not in the least even pretending to be factual knowledge about how the world works.

There is also the matter of disproving the truth of Judaism and Islam who lay claim or the trademarked Yahweh as well. You also have the tiny matter of which flavour of Christianity is true: the Catholics, the Mormons, the Anglicans, the Baptists, the Seventh Day Adventists, the JWs (Jehovah’s Witnesses), the Coptics, The Greek Orthodox, the Russian Orthodox… They all claim the others are heretics.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)