Why So Many Priestly paedophiles?

Did you ever wonder why the Catholic church is so reticent to deal with the problem of priestly child abuse? Why they keep aiding and abetting paedophiles? It is simple. Over the centuries the seemingly legitimate excuses for adult celibacy, secrecy, power to terrify children, unquestioned authority over children and private access to children have attracted paedophiles.

The Catholic church is for all practical purposes the world’s biggest paedophile ring. It exists primarily for the mutual self-protection of paedophiles. Anyone who does not play ball is tossed out. If they started kicking out the paedophiles, there would be hardly anyone left. They are already having a very hard time finding replacement priests.

The institution now has a reputation that stinks to high heaven. It no longer has the same appeal to paedophiles. paedophiles want to avoid guilt by association. The Catholic church used to be the ultimate respectable disguise.

It is a crumbling institution. It falsely believed itself invulnerable to scandal. Sadly its victims, for the most part, still naïvely think the church is primarily a benign institution with a few bad apples.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)