Professional Creationists

There are some men who make their lives posing as creationists. Unlike amateur ones, they are performers and clowns, and not particularly sincere or consistent. The stupidest and silliest is Ray Comfort. He is absolutely without shame.

  1. Ben Stein, clever comedian, Movie Expelled click to watch
  2. Jay Richards of the Discovery Institute, with Christopher Hitchens click to watch
  3. Geoffrey Simmons of the Discovery Institute with PZ Meyers click to watch
  4. William Lane Craig, slimy, with Michael Schermer click to watch
  5. Matt Slick, pompous rude conceited. with Scott Clifton click to watch
  6. Ken Ham Evolution vs Creation - It is a Fact that the Dinosaurs Lived With Humans - Young Earth Creation click to watch
  7. Kent Hovind (imprisoned for fraud) evolution is wrong click to watch
  8. Ray Comfort How the genetically engineered banana proves the existence of god click to watch
  9. Wendy Wright. She has a string hanging down her back. When you pull it she regurgitates a random bit of creationist cant. This creates the illusion she is constantly changing the topic. Like other talking dolls, she has no idea what the words she says mean, and she cannot say anything original. As you would expect, she cannot understand what people say to her. Oddly, though she is one of the stupidest people on the planet, she affects a patronising accent. Wendy Wright and Richard Dawkins click to watch

The further down the list, the lower my opinion of them.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)