Stealing Pension Fund Money

Republicans are funny. They imagine the government has the right to refuse to pay out pensions. It can no more do that than a life insurance company can take your payments for your whole life then refuse to pay out when you die. Republicans think of those who accept pensions as deadbeats. Those payments are no more handouts than bank withdrawals. Republicans also think of those on disability pension as deadbeats. Through years of taxes, those people paid the insurance premiums during the years before they became disabled. They are no more deadbeats than those who live off private disability pensions. Republicans think of the government only as a group of pirates. They forget completely the government rôle of arranging group purchases of goods and services. If Republicans gain control of the government and cut all government services except those close to the heart of the rich such as warmaking and police protection, they are sadly mistaken if they imagine people put up with continuing to pay taxes. People grudgingly pay taxes because they want the services, not out of some sort of patriotic altruism.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)